santa costume



Promo Gift #1

All who joined this will get

"Genius phone holder"

* Gift ships worldwide (Any country)

Delivery will begin 2 weeks after Dec 31, 2019

Santa's Gift #2

Try out, win a gift chance in just 6 minutes

iPad mini 5


AirPods Pro


$10 Gift Card


*All gifts will be awarded with Amazon Gift card in the amount equivalent to the prize.

**For other currencies, the conversion is based on USD.(EUR, GBP).

Follow these 3 steps to win a gift

Step 1) Take video

Shoot in 'travel mode'

Find your Santa!

Step 2) Upload video

1 per 6min.

Click 'upload all'

See if you've earned 'coin'

Step 3) Share Publicly

Click 'share for all'

Now, everyone can watch it

All you need to receive a gift is an email address. Please make sure yours is registered in cocona.

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