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Special christmas


Santa's Gift #1

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"Genius phone holder" for early 1,000 users!

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* Gift ships worldwide (Any country)

How to get a free gift

* If you're uncomfortable because you need to
  provide a shipping address, try only gift # 2.

Delivery will begin 2 weeks after form submission.

Santa's Gift #2

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iPad mini 5


AirPods Pro


$10 Gift Card


*All gifts will be awarded in the amount equivalent to the prize.

**For other currencies, the conversion is based on USD.(EUR, GBP).

Follow these 3 steps to win a gift

Step 1) Take video

Shoot in 'travel mode'

Film your Christmas!

Step 2) Upload video

1 per 6min.

Click 'upload all'

See if you've earned 'coin'

Step 3) Share Publicly

Click 'share for all'

Now, everyone can watch it

All you need to receive a gift is an email address. Please make sure yours is registered in cocona.

1) Try to get good shots.

2) Likes, views, etc. can be considered.

3) Sharing your experience on Instagram will make you stand out.

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