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A newer and better way to save and share your memories


No more worries on your storage

for a lifetime

No tricks on pricing policy

No need to remember where you were

as Cubi MapVIew will

Very easy to edit

Intuitive auto-edit

With patented video technologies, AI vision and intuitive map navigation, 

Cubi creates unprecedented experiences

Powered by N3N

See how easy it

Don't even need to remember. Just open your Cubi app


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You know how. Right?

Keep capturing your moments

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Life / Travel / Dash Cam / Pet / Sports

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Auto-uploads on cloud

The world's first AI life cam

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Tiny, Smart

Cubi cam fits all moments in your life

Auto-Capture, no switch off button

Enabled by Eyes on Demand (EOD)

patented technology

With multiple sensors,

You can memorize all of your day's sensations. Next gen. video is here!

One camera only; for every use.

For Security, Car Dash, Action, Pet, Home, Broadcasting, etc.


Create Uniqueness. Bring Influence

Our mission is to enrich your life through everlasting memories. Enjoy, share, publish your greatest moments. Connect to others and inspire yourself. 
Cubi enables you to easily save and share your key life moments

Make better, do lesser


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